Milkbar Sugar High Cherry Cola 26''

The world is full of songs. One of them is Aerosmith’s 1975 anthem ‘Sweet Emotion’. We’re pretty sure if you combine this song with a ride through the park, or neighbourhood, or to your friend’s house in summer, you’ll have the most infectious smile that you have ever smiled. People you don’t know will smile back. We think that a good bike makes the world go round, and an epic bike — can turn your world around. This thing is 100% good vibes. The wonderfully luxurious Cherry Cola paint is dripping straight from a nostalgic era where Soda-Pop flowed forever… 26” wheels, banana seat, spring forks and the retro-modern aesthetic makes you want to dance and dream and ride with your mates to the pool and work, and to the local record store where staff don’t usually smile at the customers too much because they know more about music. Look, it’s true, we haven’t seen Steven Tyler on a bike lately. But he has a great smile. And the record store crew will too. Because of you — and the Bike.

Key Features Steel Frame, Heavy Metal Pedals, Front and Back Brakes, Chain Guard, Springfork Suspension, Adjustable Banana Seat, Kick Stand, Front & Back Fenders, Old-School Sissy Bar, High Rise Handle Bars


Max rider height: 211cm (6’9”)

Min rider height: 158cm (5’2”)

PLEASE NOTE This is available for Pre-Order and will not be shipped until the new year.