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Spy Cedros Blue Stone Happy Bronze

Where contemporary style meets top-tier lens tech. Composed of 50% bioplastic material, the Cedros is available with both our therapeutic HAPPY? Lens Tech, and our new HAPPY BOOST? Lens Tech, as well as polarized options for glare reduction. With a medium fit, and a variety of color options, this lightweight frame is sure to change your sunglass game.

Lens Technology : HAPPY Polycarbonate Lens
See Happy with Happy Lens Technology
Our patented HAPPY? Lens Tech is scientifically formulated to allow in the sun's good rays while blocking the bad, letting you SEE BETTER by enhancing color and contrast, while helping you to FEEL BETTER by boosting your mood and alertness-something you'll feel even after taking your sunglasses off.

Sunny weather
Darker lenses and strong mirrors shield your eyes from bright sun on bluebird days when SPF 30 is a must.

Frame Material : Bioplastic
Bio sourced adaptable and noble material to perfectly adapt the fit to your face.
Constructed of Bioplastic, which is comprised of 50% organic plant matter that is both lightweight and durable and aids in reducing plastic consumption.

Hinge : Pin Hinge
One pin providing a solid fix
A hinge that provides a solid fix between the hinge and the frame front.