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The use of Hemp from our friends at Thrills:::

The fabrics we wear play a major part in our environmental and social impact. How will it be washed? Could it potentially be recycled one day? What chemicals were used to produce this fabric? At Thrills, we make an effort to consider all implications when sourcing materials to ensure the construction of our clothing doesn’t come at a cost to people or our planet, both before it reaches our cutting table and after it leaves our hangers.

So what makes a material more sustainable than others? Lots. There’s land use, water consumption, eco-toxicity, human toxicity, energy input, emissions output, ability to be recycled, landfill diversion and more. We take this all into account and you should, too. 


A frontrunner in the world of responsible fibres, hemp is grown organically without the need for synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertiliser as it is self-mulching and regenerates the soil with its own nutrients. It uses significantly less water than cotton, has a larger yield per acreage, grows twice as fast, and is naturally mould- and UV-resistant. On top of all this, hemp converts an incredible four times more CO2 than trees – good one, hemp. You’ll often find this hero fibre blended with organic cotton in our collection to make it extra soft. 

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